This past weekend I went to a place in Shadyside called Weather Permitting. When my friend first invited me, my roommate Mindi and I thought he left out a sentence telling us what the place was called, but alas, it is in fact called Weather Permitting. We laughed. You probably had to be there.

For those of you who know about the Shadyside neighborhood in Pittsburgh, this place is not as fancy as you would think. No one had on pearls and their Sunday best, promise. I didn’t even shower that day and wasn’t sent to wash off rocks with the other gremlins who don’t make six figures. Weather Permitting holds weekly outdoor concerts at the Shadyside Nursery. It is all ages and completely family friendly. I had no clue this place existed. There are a few games like giant Jenga set up outside of the gates next to local food trucks that rotate with each event. Through the gates is a nice sized lawn with a wooden stage set up where local bands play. My friend’s bluegrass band, The Shelf Life String Band, played Sunday along with The Armadillos and Moran & Masudi.

shelf life logoBeards playing bluegrass things.

There were beards everywhere. It was on the brink of being a hipster’s paradise, but didn’t quite cross over into that circle of hell. I was also introduced to a game called Stump. I would prefer it be called Log, but no one asked me, for which, I am hurt. We walked into the lot and my name was hollered from a stump with nails in it and told to play. YOU GUYS, I was terrified. Nothing like having to hold your beer (which was $10 all you can drink from a different local brewery each week, biatches) in one hand and flip a hammer with the other, catch it, and then try to hammer someone else’s nail into the stump to get them out without readjusting your placement on the hammer. My left arm was drunk from spills and I was drunk with POWER! The more games that went on the more obsessed I became with it. There is something about hitting a hammer at something as hard as you can that is therapeutic as shit. I need to set one up in my backyard for the bad days.

hammers logoI.AM.THOR. Look at these bearded pals, Mike and Danny (from the Bastard Bearded Irishmen) with his $5 sunglasses.
Photo cred: Mindi Harkless

Food trucks finally are taking their position in the spot light in the Burgh and Sunday we had the pleasure of choosing from PGH Street Foods, Burgh Bites Truck, and Pop Stop <— POPSICLES. I need to find out when the Pierogi Truck is coming, hijack it, and eat my weight in homemade Polish puffs of heaven.

The last few weekends I have been discovering hidden gems in my city and loving every minute of it. I highly recommend you doing the same in your town. Let me know about what you love and what you’ve found. Now I need a pierogi. Viva La Pittsburgh!

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-Andrea B.


Yesterday my best friend shared something on my wall that blew my mind. It blew my mind right up. The power of a beard is much greater than anyone has anticipated I think, and the man I am about to share with you proves it. As Uncle Jesse would say, “have mercy!”.

via: http://instagram.com/buon_buon

This is Jeffrey Buoncristiano. In the span of one year’s time he grew this beard and when I asked him his reasoning behind making one of the best life choices he ever could, he told me it was more a less a choice he made based on a few factors. He took into consideration the options: the goatee, the chin strap, side burns, but he always knew a beard fit is face so he “embraced his genes” and went for it. He also told me that he always wished he could pull off the Johnny Depp facial hair. He tried it once and failed miserably. I think the full beard fits him best as well.

He too could be referred to as LL Cool J and it could make just as much sense. Don’t make me feel old. Google it. Cheaters.

Take a second, a moment, an hour, whatever you have to do to catch your breath again, but get your shit together because I am about to make you feel even more things. Those things could be lust, it could be drool falling onto your shirt, or the chills. And the same things may apply if you’re a man except throw in a nice heaping pile of jealousy too.

via: http://instagram.com/buon_buon

This is what he looked like while living in Cape Cod, just chillin’ and doing odd jobs basically naked, still handsome as hell, but naked. Nothing to protect his face in those New England blistery winters. Apparently not having a beard forced this poor man to wear an Abercrombie hoodie, and now he dresses like a man should dress with a beard like that. No offense Jeff. Can I call you Jeff? If there is a lesson to be learned here by Jeff’s (again, can I call you Jeff?) story is that a beard can change your appearance and style greatly. Proof is down below, just LOOK at that jacket and coiffed hair.

And he’s right, not everyone can pull off the full beard, so weigh your options and do what is best for you. We don’t want this to happen to good people.

Beards are here, they’re real, get used to it!

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-Andrea B.

via: http://instagram.com/buon_buon

Just one more for the road…good lord that hair cut. I’m swooning. I have to go find a cold shower somewhere. Whateverbye.


After I wrote the title I realized how it might give the wrong impression of this week’s theme, but I’m not that worried about it. It stays. You’ll live. We will all move on.

BBI May 15 2014

This week is a 6 for 1 FF eleganza extravaganza! For those of you who don’t know who I just quoted (aka every single man reading this and women who I feel sorry for), it was RuPaul. But alas, this is not about my spirit animal. It is about the men of Bastard Bearded Irishmen! I have written about them before because they are my homies and Ben’s dad was my favorite college professor, but it’s fine! They have a new album coming out called Rise of the Bastard and word on the street is it’s completely awesome. That street is called Randy Baumann and his address is the host of the WDVE morning show.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, they are having their record release party tomorrow, May 17, at Altar Bar in The Strip! I can only imagine it’s going to be an amazing time. They put on a hell of a show and know how to bring the funk. If that funk wore a kilt and had a love triangle going with The Pogues and Rancid. Do people still use the word funk in this context? Did I even use it in the proper context? Speaking of The Pogues, have you ever seen Shane MacGowan’s teeth?! HOLY HERA! It’s bone chilling.

If you want to go to the show I think tickets are still available here. Tell ‘em Large Marge sent ya.

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-Andrea B.

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This morning I woke up a half hour before my alarm was set to go off and  the energy level has not wavered yet. I am about to bounce off the walls mainly because Ethan Embry is my new best friend on Twitter and we will be exchanging friendship bracelets very soon. It’s inevitable.

Due to my irrational thoughts of friendship with this famous person, he is this week’s Frenzy Friday. Did I mention he is also a gem of a man with a huge heart? Because he is. GOD, HE’S THE BASS PLAYER FROM THAT THING YOU DO THOUGH AND I REALLY HOPE EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS EVEN KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. 1996 CLASSIC. We mustn’t forget his role in Can’t Hardly Wait either. (Don’t mind the swooning. I may or may not be looking off into the distance while I write this and dreaming about our nuptials and The Oneders (oh-knee-ders) as the wedding band).

April 25 2014 Ethan Embry(via electric-shadows)

This still is from his new movie Cheap Thrills and it looks so god damn great! There is a one screen theater in my neighborhood and a few months ago I went to see Pulp Fiction and this was one of the trailers that played. Check out their website to see when it’s playing near you. I missed the showings at said theater and I don’t even want to talk about it right now. The wound is still open and the salt is still pouring in. It looks so great and Ethan (it’s just Ethan now) looks great with a beard. If I close my eyes and cherish the joy and excitement about this it’s like 500 baby cherub angels making figure 8′s in the sky while giggling and sprinkling the Earth with iridescent sparkles and daisy petals. It also smells like cupcakes, but that could just be me having a stroke. Being a girl is strange…strange.

Currently Listening: I’d be lying if I didn’t put that I was listening to the You’ve Got Mail soundtrack right now. Again, girl.strange.

-Andrea B.

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