85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Happy birthday sweet prince!

Today is this salt and peppery king’s 54th birthday and I still love him just as much as the first time I saw him on ER in 1994. I could have been your wife….

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-Andrea B.


Yesterday I went to Michael’s to look at craft things because I am a female and that’s really the only reason that matters and makes sense. Anyway, when I was out I swear to dog I encountered every single stupid mother fucker who decided to go out in the sunshine after church in their god damn long skirts. Not kidding, one family walked diagonally across the parking lot at an extremely irritatingly slow pace and held up traffic. My brain almost exploded all over Allegheny County. Right then and there I should have turned around and went home and hid under my covers, but no, I kept on trucking and the fools just kept appearing. Thankfully I went to Half Price Books and got some great records so that eased the pain a little. Moral of the story is, if you are walking in public, a store or parking lot, etc., pay the fuck attention and moseying across a parking lot is going to get you hit by a car…a small red one with me behind the wheel.

Thanks for being there guys, I really had to get that off my chest.

Ok, now the reason we are here. Products. You know you love them. We know you need them. Revolutionary Beard Company is new on the beard products scene and hails from East Texas. They currently have one oil ready for purchase that is a nice combo of mint and a hint of citrus. With Spring being here and Summer not too far away, that is a perfect bright scent to experience. They also have a mustache wax that isn’t too heavy and gives a nice natural hold.

revolutionary beard company(source)

If you try them out, let us know what you think! Support the small and local companies in your area and around the country!

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-Andrea B.


I have a lot of musically talented friends who are making a name for themselves here in Pittsburgh, and luckily for me, a lot of them also have beards.

source: Dylan Rosgone

There You Are  is a band made up of  Matt Bean, Tom Chorba, Ryan Drish, and Justin Trevis. You can check them out on their website or their Facebook page. They guitarist, Ryan, just so happens to be one of my best friend’s sweet heart (and the man of a 4-way date to a Valentine’s Day wedding) and shared a video with me of TYA performing and he is wearing some Beard Life merch! I have had the privilege of seeing them perform and I told their singer Tom that he should prepare himself for fatherhood because his voice got me pregnant. They are an awesome mix of 60′s rock meets Foo Fighters meets my ovaries exploding. I mean, what?

They perform some amazing covers, including The Doors and it’s fucking tits. They were featured on the radio the other week on our ever so popular rock station, 102.5 WDVE, and it was very much deserved.

The quality isn’t fantastic, but it sounds great!

Thanks Ryan for reppin’ us on stage! Be sure to check them out and if you are in the area, go check out a gig! I will be there yelling for them to pop their tops off with Jess. It’s fine.

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 Have a great weekend, kids!

-Andrea B.


Being born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA I have been almost trained since birth to like the Steelers. Even back in elementary school, the bus numbered 36 had signs taped in the windows honoring Jerome Bettis aka The Bus, DO YOU GET IT? BUS NUMBER 36 AND THE BUS. SPORTS! To be honest, the sports in this town are like a religion. Growing up going to church on Sundays with my family, priests have actually rushed through the end of mass by saying “Okay, well the Steelers are playing at 1, so mass has ended go in peace, and let’s go Steelers!”

Pittsburgh is a sports town with fans all over the world. Seriously, there are Steelers bars in Europe. I went to one in Scottsdale, AZ. It’s a god damn epidemic. Sure you are also expected to love the Pirates and Pens as well, especially if the Pirates have a winning streak (I worked at a screen printing shop, Commonwealth Press, when the Zoltan shit took off and the shirts flew off the shelves. I was also in the newspaper. Whatevs, nbd.) The year the Penguins won the Stanley Cup and the Steelers won the Super Bowl, I thought for sure everyone was just going to start ripping their shirts off in excitement and run around the streets screaming with joy and lighting things on fire. The latter happened, not surprisingly.

I am not the biggest sports fan. My first memory of hockey was in 4th grade when we had a “celebrity reader” come into our class, don’t ask me who it was because I have no idea, but he had something to do with the Pens and he went around the room asking us who our favorite player was. I panicked and just said “uh..Jaromir Jagr.” because that is what the boy I liked had said. I understand football and enjoy going to games and it’s especially fun when we are close to the Super Bowl. Side note: we were taught the Steelers Polka as children and anytime I hear the Pennsylvania Polka (especially in the movie Groundhog Day) I end up singing it with the players from the 90′s. Life.

All of this rambling and memories of actually being in fear of other humans just because our town’s sports teams won the big cheese of games and they were happy, has brought me to this. Every year Brett Keisel shaves his beard to earn money for the Children’s Hospital here. The same one who has window washer who dress up like super heroes. This is the 5th year for his event, Shear Da Beard, and this year he earned over $67,000!

nfl_r_keisel_mb_576x324Source: ESPN

I don’t really care what your favorite team is or if you hate the Steelers. Save your sports preferences for someone who gives a shit. Or if you think shaving your beard makes you “a woman”.  PS, that is super offensive. We can vote now and drive cars so, 1920 called, it said stfu. This is amazing and this man is amazing.

It’s nice to read stories like this in the news when everything in the world is going to shit and every other plane from an Asian airline is disappearing into the god damn Bermuda Triangle and vanishing. More men need to have hearts like Brett. Hell, more PEOPLE need to have hearts like him.

In the words of Ellen, “be kind to one another”.

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-Andrea B.